Author: Andre Schild

In my review of the Nexus 6 back in January 2015, I was ultimately forced to conclude that Google and Motorola, which made the phone, were not on the right track. The device was too expensive, fell short on performance

Early in 2013, Sony introduced its very first Xperia Z device to the world. From that point on, these smartphones have grown into a high-end line of products, combining a characteristic design with Sony’s own display technology. Yet, despite the premium look and feel of the

To find out what concessions Samsung had to make in order to produce metal smartphones for a relatively low price, I worked and played with both the Galaxy A3 and A5 for a full week. I used both devices for typical home and light business related tasks such as browsing

The Asus UX305FA is the first Zenbook to feature Intel’s new Core M technology. As a result, Asus clearly breaks tradition with previous Zenbook models, which were all equipped with much faster Intel Core i processors. On the upside, the new machine is a lot cheaper than

In order to neutralise my initial preconceptions about the low-priced Nokia Lumia 735, I gave it five full days to convince me of its qualities. In that time, I used it for typical home and office tasks like browsing, communicating, installing apps and taking pictures

Every year, Apple’s iMac line-up gets slightly faster processors, better graphics cards, faster RAM and more storage space. And although the 2013 iMac was one of the first Apple computers to incorporate the new Broadwell micro-architecture, it still wasn’t a

Taiwan’s HTC was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to discover that, in order to sell huge volumes of smartphones, you simply have to equip them with an impressive front-facing camera. If you think of it, that actually

Previously launched Nexus smartphones, like the Nexus 5, were accompanied by two characteristic features that made them very popular. They were always preinstalled with a stock version of the Android operating system and they offered high-end specifications