Author Chantelle Benjamin


Marcel Golding suspended from parent

Hosken Consolidated Investments, in a surprise move late on Wednesday, announced that it had suspended its executive chairman Marcel Golding pending a disciplinary hearing into “gross misconduct”. Golding was not immediately available for


Medupi would not have saved us

Eskom board chairman Zola Tsotsi said on Friday that at least five of Medupi’s units would have had to be running to have made a meaningful contribution to filling the 3GW shortfall experienced on Thursday. Eskom spokesman Andrew Etzinger warned on Sunday that Eskom has not ruled out the possibility


Wide fallout expected in rates battle

MTN contesting communications regulator Icasa’s new reduced interconnect call rates is a high-stakes game that is going to leave no one in the cellphone sector untouched, experts have warned. “This is the first time that MTN and Vodacom have been staring down the barrel of a gun,” said analyst


Collusion adds fuel to e-tolling fire

This week, e-tolling began on highways upgraded as part of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project despite ongoing resistance from political organisations, business, labour and the public. The cost of the 185km project increased by 222% from R6,4bn in 2006. Within


Caxton deal ends years of squabbling

Shareholders in an unlisted and little-known company, ElementOne, will have heaved a collective sigh of relief after a consortium offered to acquire its full 39,4% share in the publishing and media company Caxton in a R2,3bn transaction was approved. There was


Where would AT&T deal leave Vodacom?

A shake-up of the telecommunications landscape in Africa may be in the offing after US giant AT&T said in an interview with Bloomberg that it was interested in acquiring UK-listed Vodafone. AT&T said, though, that it was not interested in acquiring Vodafone’s operations in emerging markets, but only its


SA gets renewables religion

South Africa could become one of the fastest-growing renewable energy markets in the world, according to a recent study. This is not bad for a country that in 2011 had almost no renewable projects on the table and was the 12th highest carbon-emitting nation in the world


Experts say call rates should be even lower

The markets recoiled at news that call termination rates between cellular operators will decrease, seeing it as a boon for consumers and small cellphone operators in particular. But experts say – citing supporting data – that South African cellphone communication is still too expensive


Digital TV: a tale of dithering and delay

Broadcasters, tired of dithering and delays around the migration to digital terrestrial television (DTT), have cashed in on the gap in the market to introduce new satellite offerings in both the free-to-air and pay-TV sectors. The concern by some in the broadcast sector, in particular


Cellphones with serious bling

It seems there is a market for ­people willing to pay between R50 000 and R159 000 for a phone from luxury brand Vertu. This is a trend that is expected to grow. A case in point is the R69 000 offered on Bidorbuy, no less, for Vertu’s relatively cheap Ascent Red phone. Vertu employee Antonio Ambrosio