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Baby Driver: foot down, volume up

A two-hour film mostly made up of “Mickey-Mousing” – synchronising the actions on screen to the accompanying soundtrack – sounds like a cheesy idea, but Baby Driver pulls it off. It’s one hell of a ride from the


The best games of 2016

The gaming year in 2016 was dominated by massive shooters and the eventual release of titles that have spent ages in development, including Final Fantasy XV, The Witness, The Last Guardian and Owlboy. It was the best year for


The best films of 2016

Billion-dollar juggernauts like Captain America: Civil War and Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice ruled the box-office this year. But amid the noise and spectacle, there were also some good films tailored to audiences


Arrival is best sci-fi film of 2016

Quebecois director Denis Villeneuve directed one of the best films of 2015 with Sicario, a bleak look at the moral toll the US government’s war on the Mexican drug cartels takes on its frontline warriors. With Arrival, he shifts genres to


Doctor Strange: across the Marvel universe

With Robert Downey Jr likely to throw his Iron Man suit on the scrapheap within the next two years, there will soon be a gap in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for an obnoxious but brilliant playboy turned world saviour. Enter Benedict


The Magnificent Seven: the old West rides again

Widely dismissed upon release as a second-rate remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Seven (1960) has been elevated over the years into a much-loved classic. It’s unlikely that time will do the same for The


Jason Bourne has a little less conversation

Even by the standards of Hollywood’s most laconic tough guys, Jason Bourne is terse. Returning to the role after an absence of nearly a decade, Matt Damon gets to say just 45 lines or less than 300 gruff words as the

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