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Gareth Cliff’s plan to reinvent SA radio

As I step into a rather ordinary looking building in the drab Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia, I get the sense there is a buzz in the air, even though there’s no one about as I walk past an unmanned reception desk. Stuck on the desk is a handwritten note instructing interns to head upstairs. That’s where Gareth Cliff, until recently the host


Evolutionary leftovers

As a journalist, I am au fait with computer keyboards. My fingers glide across the keys as I write, but there are a few buttons that I never touch. These evolutionary leftovers from a previous era of computing seem to offer no purpose today. Granted, these keys don’t appear on all modern keyboards, and regions also differ, but if


Homegrown e-tolls app launched in US

A South African toll-fee tracking application for smartphones, which was conceptualised and developed by a local entrepreneur, has been launched in the US. TechCentral first revealed details of Toll Track a year ago when it interviewed developer and entrepreneur Jacques Theyse, who built the app to keep track of what he owed in


Election sends Web traffic off the charts

If there was any doubt about South Africans’ interest in the results of last week’s election, the traffic numbers from News24 – more than 102 000 concurrent users and 8,5TB of data served in two days – should put that to rest. According to the statistics from website analytics firm Effective Measure, News24, which is ultimately owned


Potholes? There’s now an app for that

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has launched a smartphone application to help residents of the city report potholes and faulty traffic lights. The Find & Fix app forms part of the JRA’s turnaround strategy and focus on service delivery. “The organisation is


Dos Santos: Why Cell C cut to 66c [video]

Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos sat down with TechCentral on Tuesday to explain why the company cut its prepaid price, on a promotional basis until the end of September, to 66c/minute. But he played down suggestions that South Africa’s mobile operators are engaged


Cell C’s Pasley on mobile price war [video]

Cell C on Tuesday announced new prepaid call tariff of just 66c/minute on per-second billing and also cut the price of three new contract plans to 79c/minute, all on per-second billing. TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod sat down with the mobile operator’s chief


What to do with Vodacom’s free 1GB

There are a number of ways how you can use 1GB of free data these days — that’s what Vodacom is giving each of its 33m customers in South Africa on Sunday (for one day only). The Internet is full of exciting things to watch, download or even just update. What you


Why Apple is in talks to buy Beats

Apple could be about to splash as much as US$3,2bn on Beats Electronics, the maker of a range of popular headphones. According to a report in the Financial Times, a deal could be announced as early as next week. But it may be less the headphones than Beats’s new music streaming service that has attracted the interest of Apple


From dash cams to cop cams

Before I moved house earlier this year, I used to drive along a road to the office that snakes through the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. As with most suburban roads in this part of the world, traffic can get a little out of hand during peak hours. Although I certainly don’t mind spending some time stuck in a jam, I used to get

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