Author Regardt van der Berg


State opinion network launched in SA

State, a fast-growing international social communications network built around user sentiment and personal opinion, has been launched in South Africa. The London-based State was founded by British-Lebanese entrepreneurs and brothers Alexander and Mark Asseily. They want to change the way we look at social networks by


SA start-up secures personal lending

A new start-up, Johannesburg-based Rocmypeer, wants to help consumers advance cash online to each other through a smart “peer to peer” platform that allows people to advance and recoup money from their peers directly. CEO and founder Grant Mashale, a former television producer, says the system also allows small businesses


SA cloud firm takes aim at desktop

Is the traditional desktop living on borrowed time? It is, if South African company Cloudware gets its way. The Johannesburg-based company has developed the CloudGate Desktop hardware device, a low-cost box that runs Android, consumes only 10W of power and fits in the palm of the hand Cloudware’s head of product, Jonathan

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