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Clive Butkow, a former management consultant who spent 28 years at Accenture (formerly Arthur Andersen), is building a new, R100m fund for high-potential South African start-up technology businesses

A former palaeoanthropologist with a fascination for statistics is now turning her attention to South Africa’s financial markets. Merrill van der Walt, who was recently appointed as “big data” analyst for central securities depository

The South African born, billionaire mega-techpreneur Elon Musk is actually human — but you might not think so after reading Ashlee Vance’s superb biography. We often think we know someone better after we read a book

When Vox Telecom CEO Jacques du Toit, an avid pilot, walks up to his Boeing Stearman, a 1942 biplane used by the US military for training and bombing missions, or up to his more modern, twin-engine Cessna 402, the world around him “switches off”, he says

Game ranging and IT are disciplines that couldn’t be more removed from one another. Yet it’s a former game ranger and former prospective farmer that Dimension Data has hired as the new CEO of its key Africa and Middle East operation. And the new man in the hot

Maggy Sibiya tells me she is relieved when I arrive at her office in Rivonia in Johannesburg without a camera. The ICT-Works chief operating officer says she is a “behind the scenes type of person” and

You would be forgiven for thinking that Xerox is just a photocopier company. After all, “xerox” became a verb in the 20th century, meaning “make a copy”. Actually, the copier business is only a small part of what Xerox does today. And the business, headquartered

Bottled lightning would be a good way to describe Kirsty Sharman. She heads Webfluential, a digital agency that’s redefining the social media marketing space. A digital native, she’s online more than

Mixo Ngoveni is an amiable guy, which probably accounts for why he has been able to build his Geekulcha start-up as quickly as he has. Based at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, the start-up has become the focal point for training, events and workshops for black students

NicSocks started as a unique and highly niche e-commerce business that focused on making and selling designer socks for men. But the business, started by Nic Haralambous, is now turning into a broader men’s fashion play as demand for clothing accessories catches up with global trends. Johannesburg-raised