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Brett Haggard and Andy Hadfield get together to talk about some big e-commerce deals, some start-up investment, some new gadgets and some leaky cloud services. Topics under discussion include the Kalahari, Takealot merger, First National Bank’s R3m donation to

Brett Haggard is joined by Steven Ambrose for a chat on one spaceman’s victory, a missing version number and Steven’s new bendyphone. The show breakdown is as follows: Mark Shuttleworth’s victory against the South African Reserve Bank, the missing Windows 9, the

Brett Haggard is joined by Michelle Atagana for a chat about African tech, start-ups, video streaming and more. They talk about Social Media Week in Johannesburg, Node vs Vidi vs other streaming media services, vending machines

After a series of failed recordings, the ZA Tech Show team is back in the studio. Brett Haggard is joined by Andy Hadfield and Adam Oxford for a bumper show all about the African start-up tech scene, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4

Benedict Kelly joins Brett Haggard this week for a deep discussion about what’s right, wrong and kind of alright in the South African technology world. Topics under discussion this week include the imminent arrival of the Xbox One and the rising cost of gaming, some new games

Brett Haggard gets together with Andy Hadfield and Steven Ambrose for a mobile money- focused episode. Topics discussed by the panel include Vodacom’s new R550 smartphone, the app, impressions of

Craig Wilson joins Adam Oxford and Brett Haggard for a random episode all about the week’s weirdest tech news. Topics include Qualcomm’s being declared a monopoly in China, the Nvidia-powered Tango tablet, Facebook forcing Messenger use on iPhone/Android, the University of Johannesburg

Liron Segev joins Brett Haggard in the studio for a chat that focuses quite heavily on mobile. Topics discussed include Vodacom’s earnings, Microsoft’s decision to kill off Nokia’s Asha range, Microsoft’s quarterly results, the rumoured Apple iWatch, Windows 9, PlayStation 4

Brett Haggard hosts Steven Ambrose in a chat about the state of mobile in South Africa, and a variety of other things. More specifically, they discuss the return of HTC to the local market, the launch of the LG G3 smartphone

It’s a cold Johannesburg afternoon as Dave Greenway joins Brett Haggard to discuss the week’s most interesting tech news. Topics on the table include Samsung’s dwindling profits, Microsoft IP-sharing deal with Canon, the BlackBerry Z3, Hisense’s huge phablet, an IBM report that says