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Brett Haggard, Adam Oxford and Charlie Fripp return after Brett’s trip to Glastonbury to speak about South African games, Microsoft South Africa, Vaio and a new social network. The topic list (in detail) consists of the .joburg, .durban and .capetown domain suffixes, the management changes

In this week’s episode of the ZA Tech Show podcast, Brett Haggard is joined by Steven Ambrose and Liron Segev for a chat about the new Amazon smartphone, Microsoft’s television white-spaces project, Facebook’s downtime, YouTube’s subscription fees for music videos, BlackBerry 10

It’s a good news week in the future and Brett Haggard, Adam Oxford and Benedict Kelly get together to discuss, among 0ther things, free Wi-Fi in taxis, South African students getting tablets, a cheap 3D printer, Uber and the UK taxi debacle, Net1’s single-use credit cards, SwiftKey going free, the new

It’s back to the usual rhythm this week as Brett Haggard, Adam Oxford and Andy Hadfield gather to discuss Apple’s announcements, the world’s first Afrikaans social network and 3D printed limbs. Topics discussed on detail include iOS 8, Google’s new designer Glass, Toeter, Tizen on

Brett Haggard is joined by Dave Greenway and Charlie Fripp this week for a discussion on all things mobile and tech … and why the bandwidth is faster on the moon than in South Africa. More specifically, the topics under discussion comprise the LG G3, the state of smartphones

Brett Haggard and Arthur Goldstuck talk about their trip to China to visit Lenovo, what the future holds for the technology market, and what went on from a tech news perspective in South Africa (and the world) over the past week. The show goes something

Brett Haggard inaugurates Michelle Atagana into the exclusive club of ZA Tech Show guests all the way from Los Angeles where they’re attending Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair. Apart from some of the cool projects they managed to get a look at, they discuss

Three hundred recordings later, the ZA Tech Show is still around. Joining Brett Haggard in this historic episode are Duncan McLeod, Jon Tullett and Ben Kelly. They share news and opinions, and have a few laughs – just like the old days. The topic list includes the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Nashua Mobile’s decision to close its

One episode before the big 300, Brett Haggard, Adam Oxford and Charlie Fripp gather for a discussion on the week’s hot tech happenings. Topics include the death of Windows XP, the Windows 8.1 update, the new Lenovo X1 Carbon, the Heartbleed flaw in OpenSSL, the right stance on movie piracy, Graphene

It’s April Fools’ Day on this week’s episode of the ZA Tech Show and Brett Haggard welcomes David Greenway and Liron Segev back for a chat about the latest technology news. Topics discussed include the most popular April Fools’ Day pranks, an Easter egg on the Capitec website, the outcome of the mobile