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Google moves to suppress terrorist propaganda

Google says it is creating new policies and practices to suppress terrorism-related videos, a response to UK lawmakers who have said the internet is a petri dish for radical ideology.

Google will increase its use of technology to identify extremist and terrorism-related videos across its sites, which include YouTube, and will boost the number of people who screen for terrorism-related content, Google’s general counsel, Kent Walker, wrote in an editorial in the Financial Times on Sunday. The company will also be more aggressive in putting warnings on and limiting the reach of content that, while not officially forbidden, is still inflammatory.

“While we and others have worked for years to identify and remove content that violates our policies, the uncomfortable truth is that we, as an industry, must acknowledge that more needs to be done,” Walker wrote.

Google and other social media and search sites are facing pressure to quickly remove posts by terrorist groups, such as Islamic State or Isis. After seven people were killed and 48 injured in an attack in London this month, UK officials have focused on sites seen as enabling extremists to recruit followers, coordinate attacks and spread propaganda. Lawmakers have proposed new laws to regulate how social media platforms counter extremism online.

“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed,” UK Prime Minister Theresa May said earlier this month. The proposed legislation would force social networks to make user data available to domestic security forces.

In response, a spokesperson for the UK’s home office called on companies to work toward implementing technology to identify, remove and even prevent extremist content from being widely distributed on their sites.

“The measures being implemented by Google, particularly those relating to hateful speakers, are encouraging first steps,” a spokesman said in an e-mailed statement on Sunday. “However, we feel the technology companies can and must go further and faster, especially in identifying and removing hateful content itself.”


Google also is facing scrutiny on data security and antitrust in Europe. Earlier this year, advertisers pulled spending from Google’s YouTube over ads running on offensive content, including terrorism videos. In response, Google said it was increasing computing and staff resources to better flag the videos.

Walker said Google is also increasing its counter-propaganda efforts, employing technology that “harnesses the power of targets online advertising to reach potential Isis recruits and redirects them towards anti-terrorist videos that can change their minds about joining”.

“Together, we can build lasting solutions that address the threats to our security and our freedoms,” he wrote in the op-ed. ‘‘It is a sweeping and complex challenge. We are committed to playing our part.”  — Reported by Lindsey Rupp and John Lauerman, with assistance from Mark Bergen, (c) 2017 Bloomberg LP


  1. Mahomed Saleem Moorad on

    all well and good but what will actually happen is that genuine criticism of the lies being fed to the dumb masses by Zionist mainstream media will be censored.
    theres many Zionist hasbara troll online on almost every forum and on Youtube- anything critical of Zionism & Israel – they try to do damage control by lying outright or mocking & insulting the person who said something that they see as any kind of attack on them.
    these trolls are paid to do this- most of them are in New York.
    here in SA- too many dumb racist whites support Israel- these fools are lied to by the church that the term Gods Chosen ppl- refers to Jews when instead it refers to ALL the progeny of Yacoob/Jacob(peace be upon him) – since Israeel was one of his names.

  2. so if gov do not like me, they say I am terrorist and I am censored. Why not simply say gone is freedom of association, or freedom of speech. The only freedom we have is to be censored. Time to reject the powers that be, as it is these powers that make sure they stay where they are, at the top, and you stay where you can be “managed” censored etc.

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