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Interview: Unpacking the real cost of data protection

Lee Williams

Lee Williams, Veritas product manager at Axiz, joins TechCentral podcast host Daniel Robus to share insights into the ever-changing world of backup and recovery in the cloud.

Williams plays an important role as the link between Veritas, partners and customers, which affords her a good vantage to see what’s working and what’s not.

She says that the most important advice to customers is for them to “ask many questions of their partners, vendors and suppliers”, as there are often solutions available that simply are not used and could solve many issues if people know about them.

Williams makes reference to a local partner and their ability to turn around a failed audit through a quick deployment of the Veritas solution. When asked if ransomware is a real threat, Williams said, “I know of a company that has been held to ransom twice in the past year.”

With Veritas driving the focus on NetBackup SaaS Protection, the future looks exciting in the world of backup and recovery.

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