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Two crucial constituencies have been ignored in communications minister Yunus Carrim’s rather ill-tempered response over the past few weeks to questions about his policy on the digital migration of South African television services. Instead of acknowledging the many deficiencies in the option being pursued by government

MultiChoice “cannot speak for the poor” and “has no mandate from them”. It also can’t speak for consumers, from whom it makes “super profits”. That’s the latest broadside directed against MultiChoice by the ministry of communications as the war of words between the Naspers-owned pay-television operator and communications minister

Communications minister Yunus Carrim has accused MultiChoice and its partners of trotting out the “same old, tired issues” over digital terrestrial television and labelled the pay-television broadcaster a bullying “monopoly”. He was responding to full-page Sunday newspaper advertisements in which MultiChoice

South Africa’s migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television looks set for yet more delays if an open letter, signed by MultiChoice, and published in weekend newspapers, is anything to go by. The letter, in the form of full-page advertisements, lays into communications minister Yunus Carrim, saying his