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Uber raises red flags over changes to SA law

Uber has asked government to delay the implementation of a new licensing framework for drivers until “current challenges” experienced by public transport operators for operating licences are resolved.

Uber hit by strike action in South Africa

Some Uber Technologies drivers in South Africa have gone on strike as the cost of running cars increases with higher fuel prices. Drivers at the US ride-hailing service gathered peacefully at a public park

Uber introduces in-app tipping in SA

You can now tip your Uber driver directly from the app in South Africa. The Internet ride-hailing company announced on Tuesday that it has introduced the tipping feature with immediate effect. At the end of each trip, Uber

Keeping your Uber driver waiting? Then pay up

If you keep your Uber driver waiting, you’ll now have to cough up for the privilege. Uber South Africa said on Monday that it is introducing a feature called “paid wait time”, meant to maximise productivity for

Uber Movement traffic data website launched in SA

Gauteng has become the first region in Africa to become part of Uber Movement, Uber’s free website that provides the public and urban planners with anonymised data about traffic flows. The website provides detailed information

Uber offers new insurance plan for SA riders

Uber has introduced a new insurance plan for South African users of the ride-hailing service. The new insurance policy designed to cover riders’ injuries or death while on a trip with Uber and will be provided by global insurance

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