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Why Amazon spent $1bn on a doorbell company

Last week, bought the Santa Monica, California-based smart home equipment maker Ring for an estimated $1bn in cash. Though filled with less import than the company’s $13.4bn acquisition of Whole Foods

Netflix climbs 50% in two months

There’s Netflix, and then there’s everyone else in 2018. The stock is up more than 50% in the first two months of the year after shattering subscription-growth expectations. It’s market capitalisation has soared to $126bn

Netflix, Amazon lure Hollywood hitmakers

Netflix’s surprise $300m deal to poach Ryan Murphy from 21st Century Fox shows just how easy it’s getting for rich tech companies to steal Hollywood’s top talent. Netflix, which released its first original

Apple is already losing the smart-speaker war

The war for the digital home is raging. Apple has finally followed Amazon, Google and Microsoft by launching a smart speaker with a voice-controlled artificial intelligence assistant. Yet even though the “HomePod” is another

The data war behind net neutrality

In the social and political saga surrounding the question of network neutrality, what is often overlooked is the data war going on behind the scenes. The real fuel behind the debate is the enormous volume of data we generate

Amazon Go: a watershed moment for retail

fter months of tinkering, has finally deemed its cashier-free convenience store ready for business. Amazon Go, as the outpost is called, opened its doors to the public on Monday. The US store is outfitted with

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