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For Amazon, being number one has a price has reminded investors that luring shoppers away from stores and dominating the cloud computing industry isn’t cheap. The company on Thursday forecast a potential quarterly loss for the first time in

Antitrust concerns bubble around Amazon’s expansion plans, including its agreement to buy Whole Foods Market for US$13.7bn, are raising hackles in Washington – and Wall Street is taking notice. A US lawmaker has called for hearings on the proposed deal to

Apple shares jump 348% – but don’t

Erroneous prices of Nasdaq stocks, including some of the world’s biggest technology companies, flooded traders’ screens after the US market shut early on Monday before a holiday. The prices were distributed by third-party

Is Amazon coming for your industry?

Stock investors have signalled over and over that they’re worried Amazon will steamroll any industry it touches. That’s a fair worry for the most part. However, corporate leaders around the world should not be without hope

Amazon to buy Whole Foods Market for $14bn will acquire Whole Foods Market for US$13,7bn, a bombshell of a deal that catapults the e-commerce giant into hundreds of physical stores and fulfils a long-held goal of selling more groceries. Amazon agreed

Slack sale could value start-up at $9bn

Corporate chatroom start-up Slack Technologies has received recent inquiries about a potential takeover from technology companies including, people with knowledge of the situation said. A deal could give San Francisco

US tech stocks take a pounding

A crack has finally formed in the foundation of the US bull market. Now investors must decide if any structural damage has been done. This year’s hottest stocks, companies from Facebook and Apple to Netflix and Nvidia, buckled

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