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Telkom will launch an LTE Advanced (LTE-A) network, offering next-generation mobile broadband speeds to South African consumers, before the end of the year, the group’s chief operating officer, Brian Armstrong, has announced. Speaking at a consumer broadband

With demand for mobile data expected to grow as much as a thousand times in the next 10 years, Telkom says it is turning to Wi-Fi and the fourth-generation (4G) LTE Advanced mobile broadband to meet demand while remaining affordable for consumers. Telkom Mobile

In a move that will be seen as a boost for Telkom’s mobile operator, 8ta, the US Federal Communications Commission has given AT&T permission to purchase spectrum in a key frequency band in which the telecommunications giant wants to deploy next-generation wireless broadband. AT&T has

Telkom’s mobile arm, 8ta, has reached an agreement with Google to allow its customers to access the US company’s search service, its Gmail e-mail software and social networking website Google+ for free from mobile devices. The service, called

Telkom’s mobile arm, 8ta, has introduced unlimited voice calls for a fixed monthly price starting at R1 199/month in an effort to tap the top-end of the contract market where users spend thousands of rand a month on their telecommunications needs

Telkom’s mobile operator, 8ta, has started offering free Wi-Fi-based Internet access on a fleet of taxis in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban. The Wi-Fi hotspots, which provide connectivity to 8ta’s third-generation mobile broadband network

Telkom and its mobile arm 8ta may be sitting in the pound seats when it comes to next-generation wireless broadband thanks to its access to a big chunk of valuable radio frequency spectrum — and the telecommunications operator has signalled it plans to take full advantage of it. Whereas all

SA’s fourth mobile operator, Telkom-owned 8ta, is upending its prepaid tariff model, ditching the plans it’s had in place since its launch nearly two years ago and introducing new rewards-based tariffs clearly designed to improve the loss-making brand’s average revenue per user (Arpu). 8ta senior managing

Mobile operator 8ta is in the market for a new marketing and sales executive. Stephen Blewett, who had filled this role until last week, has resigned. Blewett joined 8ta, which is the mobile arm of Telkom and SA’s fourth cellphone network operator, in 2009 as a contractor for an initial one-year term. The contract

Finnish handset manufacturer Nokia is in early talks with SA mobile operators about offering fixed-cost data plans on most of its handsets in similar vein to Research in Motion’s popular BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), TechCentral has established. For now, only BlackBerry