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The arrival of the Western African Cable System (Wacs), which landed in the west coast town of Yzerfontein on Tuesday will accelerate competition in the local market. But, according to experts, the impact on broadband prices may not

Telecommunications operator Neotel is worried about radio frequency spectrum interference from television broadcasters during the switchover period from analogue to digital terrestrial television. Neotel is

The West African Cable System (Wacs) will land on SA shores early in April, bringing the construction phase of the project to an end. However, its commercial launch has been pushed back by a few

Neotel is taking advantage of the 1 March cut in mobile termination rates to cut the cost of calls to mobile phones. It’s the first operator to announce cuts on the back of the lowering of the rates

Neotel’s access to prime spectrum in the radio frequency band used for analogue terrestrial television broadcasts could give it a strategic advantage over its rivals. This is as the world begins moving to the next generation

Icasa has dropped a bombshell on the telecommunications industry. The industry regulator reckons Internet service providers and other telecommunications licensees are entitled — right now — to access Telkom’s local loop

Unbundling the local loop is the last step to making SA’s telecommunications landscape fully competitive, says Neotel chief technology officer Angus Hay. Hay tells TechCentral that allowing other operators

Neotel is looking for a “sustainable” way to bring fibre access to SA users’ homes. The company’s chief technology officer, Angus Hay, says that at the moment, building fibre into homes is an expensive exercise

For many people, the concept of geographic number portability (GNP) holds little meaning. This is because its benefits to consumers have not been clearly communicated. Also, for people who do have some idea of how GNP works, there is a sense that it benefits businesses rather