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Free-to-air broadcaster has slammed a confidential deal struck between the SABC and MultiChoice that prohibits the public broadcaster from offering any of its channels over a television platform that uses encryption technology. described the move as has signed off on a tender for the conditional access system for the set-top boxes South Africans will need to receive digital terrestrial television signals and now only the SABC board needs to do the same before the country can move forward with long-delayed digital migration. But there’s confusion

Communications minister Dina Pule says she is still waiting for and the SABC to finalise the set-top box access control mechanism, and that this is holding up the migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television. Pule made the comments at a breakfast

The road to digital migration in local television is paved with good ­intentions, vested ­interests, legal disputes and delays. In 2006, South Africa told the International Telecommunication Union it would switch from analogue to digital broadcasting by 2015 and the first digital migration policy

Lack of certainty around the encryption and access control mechanisms to be used for digital terrestrial television, along with how millions of set-top boxes will be subsidised for poorer households, looks set to throw South Africa even further off track on Monday described a decision by the department of communications to file an application for leave to appeal against a December high court judgment in the free-to-air terrestrial television broadcaster’s favour as “unfortunate”. The broadcaster’s chief operating officer, Bronwyn

South Africa’s migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television is likely to face further significant delays after the department of communications elected on Monday to file an application for leave to appeal a case which free-to-air broadcaster won recently against communications minister Dina Pule over who will

Communications minister Dina Pule and state-owned broadcasting signal distributor Sentech have lost a court battle with over which entities will manage the control system to be used in the government-subsidised digital set-top boxes needed in the migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television

As and government head to court this week in a dispute over who should own and manage the crucial set-top box control system for digital terrestrial television (DTT), state-owned signal distributor Sentech has moved to allay fears that it will charge what it likes if it manages the system.

Communications minister Dina Pule should not be surprised by’s decision to take her to court over her “unlawful” and “impugned” decision to appoint Sentech as the manager of the crucial control system for digital terrestrial television, the free-to-air broadcaster’s chief operating officer Bronwyn Keene-Young says in new