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After Super Tuesday, print and broadcast media have woken up to the very real possibility of President Donald J Trump. But they can’t seem to understand that their own decline is a

A new Kickstarter project from a team of Kenyans wanting to build a piece of ruggedised communications hardware called BRCK has attracted more than 830 backers since it was launched on 5 May. Ushahidi, the company behind BRCK, had hoped to raise US$125 000. It reached this target on Monday night

Kickstarter project BRCK, the brainchild of Kenyan nonprofit technology outfit Ushahidi, hopes to raise $125 000 to build a communications device that connects users to the Internet using any means possible, even when the power is out. And it’s well on its way to achieving its first objective. In little more

Clay Shirky, celebrated author of Here Comes Everybody, a book on how the Internet is changing social behaviour, is a keynote speaker at the inaugural Tech4Africa conference, to be held in Johannesburg in August. Shirky, who divides his time between consulting, teaching and writing on the social and economic effects of communication technology, is a sought-after international speaker.

Clay Shirky, regarded as one of the world’s leading thinkers on technology and its impact on economies and societies, will…