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First National Bank has squeaked past Capitec to be named South Africa’s best digital bank, according to a new, independent study by Columinate. The insights agency on Monday released its seventh annual

Fully 19% of South African online banking users have been victims of online fraud such as 419 scams and phishing attacks, up from just 10% a year ago, a new independent research survey shows. Columinate’s 2014 “Internet Banking SITEisfaction” survey, the third it has conducted, shows, too, that the number of

Telkom has warned that fraudsters are targeting its customers using a deposit refund scam. Criminals deposit a stolen or counterfeit cheque into customers’ accounts, and then on a false Telkom letterhead inform them that the company has erroneously deposited the cheque as reimbursement for overpayment on their telephone account

Capitec has displaced First National Bank at the top of a list that ranks how satisfied consumers are with their bank’s online facilities. The third annual “Internet Banking SITEisfaction” survey, conducted by online marketing research agency Columinate, has found that satisfaction among FNB clients has fallen