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US net neutrality rules expire

The Barack Obama-era network neutrality regulations that barred broadband providers from slowing or blocking Internet traffic expired Monday, a major milestone in a debate that continues in the courts and the

US sweeps aside net neutrality rules

The US Federal Communications Commission has swept aside rules barring broadband providers from favouring the Internet traffic of websites willing to pay for speedier service, sending the future of net neutrality on to a likely court challenge

US set to abandon net neutrality rules

US Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai will propose vacating Barack Obama-era net neutrality rules, according to a person briefed on the development that will hand a victory to broadband providers such as AT&T and

SA’s operators, OTTs need a peace pact

A few months ago, I argued that over-the-top (OTT) service providers – companies like Facebook and Netflix – must pay network operators for using their infrastructure to deliver services to their customers. A counter-argument has been made that subscribers are already paying

Duncan McLeod
No need for net neutrality in SA

As the debate over network neutrality rages in the US, South African Internet service providers, through their industry association, have urged communications regulator Icasa to steer clear of crafting regulations dealing with the contentious issue — at least for now. But what’s

The LightSquared fiasco: dark day in America

American telecoms firms are clamouring for more wireless spectrum. Hence the interest in LightSquared, a firm which had hoovered up a chunk of airwaves formerly used by satellite operators. It planned to build a high-speed terrestrial network and rent it out to others. But on 14 February, America’s