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First National Bank’s Internet service provider, FNB Connect, will offer its subscribers free access to YouTube for two months, effective until the end of June, in a sign of increasing competition in the broadband market

Internet Explorer 6 is the Web browser that just won’t die. The browser, which shipped with Windows XP in 2001, continues to be used by a substantial minority of Internet users

When United Airlines refused to compensate Son of Maxwell band member Dave Caroll for damage caused to his US$3 500 guitar during a flight in 2008 he took his frustration online. He used YouTube to air a video depicting his mistreatment by the airline. His posting inflicted enormous reputational damage, well beyond anything United Airlines could have imagined — damage that could easily have been avoided

It’s early on Saturday morning and I’m trying to coax my eyes open. My BlackBerry has beeped at me and I can just make out through my hazy vision that it’s a message from RB Jacobs. As much as I would like to turn over and go back to sleep, I know something important must be happening on Twitter