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The problem with most GPS-enabled multi-sport watches is that they’re normally big, bulky and brash. This doesn’t seem to stop some endurance athletes from wearing them as their primary timepiece though – a bright orange, blue or white ostentatious statement that they take their training

The Vívoactive is Garmin’s foray into the exploding smartwatch market, which Smartwatch Group predicts will be worth US$8,9bn in 2015. Although modern stereotypes suggest one can’t be both smart and sporty, Garmin seems to have broken the smartwatch mould, at least as far

Young black South Africans with entrepreneurial ambitions may well find that studying computer programming or software developing provides the springboard they need to grab the eye of a venture capital funder. With an inherent bias towards

International GPS specialist Garmin has acquired South African technology company iKubu, which is developing a radar system that alerts cyclists of what’s happening around them on the road. The value of the deal has not been disclosed. The Stellenbosch-based

Dash cameras are not just novel gadgets to record the often strange things that happen on South African roads. They also come in useful in the case of an accident, helping the police and insurance companies determine what happened. Garmin recently launched its first product in this

Satellite-based personal navigation devices have lost significant market share to smartphones in recent years. Devices that were once an important part of many drivers’ lives have become all but obsolete in an era where Google, Apple, Microsoft and others offer free navigation with arguably more up to date map data. It’s become difficult

Self-tracking, body hacking, life-logging, wearables, the quantified self — you may have heard these terms being thrown around a lot in the past year thanks to companies such as Fitbit, Nike+ and Jawbone. It was these three companies that were largely

Are the days of GPS-powered personal navigation devices (PNDs) numbered? With Google Maps Navigation now offering SA Android smartphone users free turn-by-turn navigation and Nokia’s Ovi Maps offering live traffic information, it’s hard to see how standalone

US navigation specialist, Nasdaq-listed Garmin, is hoping to cash in on the potential growth that SA offers through its acquisition of its SA distributor, Garmin Distribution Africa. Garmin International director of