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The department of telecommunications & postal services is actively redrafting the controversial Electronic Communications Amendment Bill, with the minister, Siyabonga Cwele, set to outline more details in the

More than half a billion people in sub-Saharan Africa will be subscribed to a mobile service by the end of the decade, according to a new research report from the GSMA released on Tuesday. The GSMA, a mobile industry body, said in the report

Africa’s start-ups are seizing an opportunity they say Google and Apple have missed – making apps for non-smartphones. In a region where the average customer doesn’t own a smartphone or a bank card, hundreds of millions

Africa has surpassed half a billion unique mobile users, the GSMA, an industry body, said on Tuesday. According to the GSMA’s newly released “The Mobile Economy: Africa 2016” report, the mobile ecosystem added an estimated US$150bn

Cellphones and Sim cards. They go together like bread and butter, or socks and shoes. Except they won’t for much longer, as the industry gears up for an era where Sim cards are consigned to the history

South Africa leads in mobile application downloads in the sub-Saharan Africa market as consumers in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya race to catch up, says an international organisation. The GSM Association revealed in its Mobile Economy Report for