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Global smartphone boom has peaked, IMF says

The global smartphone boom that’s helped propel Asia’s economic growth and reshape trade channels in recent years may have peaked. That’s one of the observations tucked into the International Monetary

IMF boss warns over bitcoin energy consumption

Mining cryptocurrencies is far too energy intensive and is consuming as much electricity as a G-20 economy, International Monetary Fund MD Christine Lagarde said. “The bitcoin mining, which is this accelerated and augmented

SA’s sins forgotten as rand surges

The currency that was forecast to perform the worst in emerging markets this year is also the one benefiting most from the clamour to boost returns in the wake of the UK’s Brexit vote. The rand has strengthened

At 0% growth, SA on a hiding to nothing

South Africa’s economy needs to start expanding, and by a much higher rate, if it hopes to make any dent in poverty, says local economist Dawie Roodt. Projections for South Africa’s economy have gone from bad to worse with the South

SA now third biggest economy in Africa

South Africa has been known as the continent’s second-largest economy since Nigeria re-based its GDP data in early 2014. However, the IMF World Economic Outlook released in mid-April provided more sobering GDP statistics for South Africa