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The Intelsat New Dawn satellite, partly funded by SA’s Convergence Partners, has had a troubled birth. Launched on Good Friday last year, the satellite ran into serious problems when its “west antenna reflector” failed to deploy. Engineers have been unable to correct the problem. A number of attempts were

Satellite service provider Intelsat, together with content management and delivery company GlobeCast, are launching a new media platform on the Intelsat New Dawn satellite, the companies said on Thursday. The media platform will use New Dawn’s Ku-band satellite system. The satellite is a joint venture

Assuming there are no launch delays or other problems, DStv operator MultiChoice will switch to a new orbital satellite in 2012 on which it has secured significantly more capacity for new channels and high-definition broadcasts. The Intelsat 20 (IS-20) satellite will replace two satellites

Just as undersea and terrestrial fibre connectivity is booming around and in Africa, an explosion in satellite capacity serving the region is also under way. The “dark continent” is getting connected to the global village. This week’s annual Satcom conference

For the past seven years, Latin America has enjoyed a boom in demand for satellite connectivity. Now SES, the world’s second largest satellite operator, predicts a similar explosion in demand will happen in Africa in the next few years. Scott Sprague

Do you live in an area not well served by fixed lines or mobile broadband? A new start-up, SkyeVine, a joint venture between JSE-listed Ellies Group and Q-Kon, wants to plug the gap with a new broadband satellite offering

The launch of the SA-backed US$250m New Dawn satellite has been rescheduled after an aborted first attempt at the end of March. The satellite, which will launch on an Ariane 5 rocket, will take off from a spaceport

The US$250 New Dawn satellite failed to blast off into space last night as scheduled after the launch sequence was shut down automatically. The satellite was meant to be launched last night from French Guiana

The Intelsat New Dawn satellite, which will almost entirely serve the African market, will take to the skies on Wednesday night from a launch complex in French Guiana. Intelsat MD for Africa sales

Intelsat New Dawn, billed as Africa’s first-ever African-led and private sector-backed communications satellite will blast off into space on 29 March from Arianespace’s launch site