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Jawbone is liquidating, though its CEO is starting again with a company that moves out of the fitness-tracker business in favour of health-related products, an area that deeper-pocketed rivals also are entering. Founded in 1999, Jawbone

The market for activity tracking devices has proved a difficult one. One of the major fitness device manufacturers, Jawbone, recently announced it was laying off 15% of its staff. Fitbit, the market leader in these devices, has seen its share price drop to nearly 50% of its peak

Imagine your phone popping up an alert whenever your blood pressure is elevated, or if your blood-glucose level is problematic. Imagine receiving a warning about an impending major health issue like a heart attack and being told to get

Activity trackers are proving popular among fitness enthusiasts and technology-savvy early adopters. These wearable technologies allow users to track their activity routines. The Jawbone UP24 enters a market with stiff competition with devices from companies such as Fitbit, Sony and Samsung

Jawbone is well known for its wearable fitness trackers and Bluetooth headsets. The company was formed under the name Aliph in 1999 when it was tasked to develop noise-cancelling technology for the US military. In 2010, it entered the speaker market with the Jambox, which received numerous design awards

Consumer electronics companies holding out for a “killer application” to drive the sale of smart watches are likely to be disappointed. That’s the view of Jonas Olsson, who heads the experience and design team for mobile accessories at Sony, where he focuses on wearable computing