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In a year where Hollywood seems determined to prove that more is more – more superheroes per film, more explosions, more garish special effects – the economically directed and scripted 10 Cloverfield Lane is a rare pleasure. It’s an unassuming genre film that

You may have noticed that the final trailer for the upcoming Star Wars instalment, The Force Awakens, has been released, and that fans globally are experiencing convulsions of mythopoeic anticipation

The early trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness made it look as if the film would be a slog through the generic grimness of all too many 21st century franchise films. In reality, the sequel to the 2009 Star Trek reboot is as breezy and likeable as its predecessor, a film that is hard to hate and even harder to remember once

When was the last time you saw a shaggy-haired kid with braces or an adolescent writhing uncomfortably in his puppy fat in a Hollywood blockbuster, not as figures of fun but as the heroes? With its believably awkward characters, Super 8 harks