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Prosecutors have been appointed to work with roads agency Sanral to deal with non-payment of e-tolls, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) confirmed on Tuesday. “We have assigned two prosecutors to work with Sanral with the view to establish whether the activities by some

Biological testing proved that the white powder found at Sanral’s operations centre in Pretoria on Tuesday was not anthrax, the Electronic Toll Collection said. Thirty-seven people were decontaminated and hospitalised as a precautionary measure

Vusi Mona, spokesman for roads agency Sanral, should resign, the Justice Project South Africa said on Thursday. “JPSA calls upon Vusi Mona to do the honourable thing and resign immediately, failing which, the minister of transport should dismiss

A war of words between roads agency Sanral and Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) continued on Tuesday in the ongoing spat about the payment of e-tolls on Gauteng’s highways. JPSA denied a Sanral claim that it had told motorists they could break the law without any consequences

Not paying e-toll fees is against the law, regardless of whether an invoice is issued, roads agency Sanral said on Sunday. “Not paying your toll fees is not just a traffic offence, but a criminal one,” Sanral spokesman Vusi Mona said in a statement. “The legal obligation to pay toll arises from using the toll road and passing

Roads agency Sanral is misleading the public by saying the failure to pay toll fees is against the law, regardless whether an invoice is issued or not, Justice Project South Africa said on Monday. JPSA was responding to a statement by Sanral. “Not paying your toll fees is not just a

Motorists might be able to claim e-tolls refunds because a Government Gazette notice about the charges indicates conflicting amounts, Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) said on Wednesday. The differences were in the English and Afrikaans versions of the e-toll tariff notices published in the

The ANC called on motorists on Tuesday to register for their e-toll accounts to take advantage of the benefits offered to registered users. The benefits of being registered included discounted rates for frequent users, spokesman Jackson Mthembu said