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President Jacob Zuma has lamented the abuse he faces in the national assembly every time he answers questions. Following his question session in the national assembly, Zuma told MPs that it would be unfair for him to step off, without raising

South Africa’s two main opposition parties agreed to informally band together in local governments, shutting the ANC out of the management of several major cities, including Johannesburg and

South Africans were politically preoccupied when it came to news and social media during the week local government elections took place, media monitoring company ROi Africa said on Sunday. “Almost 90%

The ANC lost its stranglehold on South African politics as voter discontent over the struggling economy, a scarcity of jobs and scandals surrounding President Jacob Zuma cost it control of key cities and buoyed the

The ANC faces the sternest test to its iron grip on South African politics since apartheid ended 22 years ago as rampant poverty, a weak economy and scandals associated with President Jacob Zuma threaten to alienate voters

Former SABC boss Jimi Matthews said that the broadcaster made sure the Economic Freedom Fighters received “limited coverage” at the behest of chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng, eNCA reported on

The Economic Freedom Fighters could be driven to take up arms against “state violence” just like the ANC did when it embarked on an armed struggle in the 1960s, party leader Julius Malema said on Friday. “If they (the ANC government) are

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Monday said he supported the legalisation of dagga. “We have no problem with marijuana being legalised. It must be legalised. It must be dealt with professionally so that it is not abused and used for