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South Africa is at a crossroads

South Africa is fast approaching a crossroads at which it must choose between structural reform and a lurch to populist nationalism. So, too, is its governing ANC, which later this year must elect a successor to its president, Jacob Zuma. With

Analysis shows apathy over Zuma speech

An analysis of social media conversations by the South African company that accurately predicted Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the US election shows a decline in negative sentiment

Watch: Chaos erupts in parliament

President Jacob Zuma’s annual state-of-the-nation speech descended into chaos as opposition lawmakers brawled with security guards, riot police fired stun grenades outside parliament and rival party supporters clashed in

Zuma slams ‘abuse’ in parliament

President Jacob Zuma has lamented the abuse he faces in the national assembly every time he answers questions. Following his question session in the national assembly, Zuma told MPs that it would be unfair for him to step off, without raising

ANC loses control of Jo’burg, Tshwane

South Africa’s two main opposition parties agreed to informally band together in local governments, shutting the ANC out of the management of several major cities, including Johannesburg and

Politics dominates SA news, social media

South Africans were politically preoccupied when it came to news and social media during the week local government elections took place, media monitoring company ROi Africa said on Sunday. “Almost 90%

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