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On Friday, social network Facebook will list on Wall Street in the third largest initial public offering (IPO) in US history and the largest in the technology sector. The initial share price is set at US$38 and, with 421m shares being listed, the move will make

A lot of people are scratching their heads this week at the news that Facebook is acquiring photo-sharing site Instagram for US$1bn. The allure of retro-styled photo filters is pretty weak justification for a price tag that high. But of course it’s not about the photo filters, it’s about the fact that Instagram engages your

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom netted US$400m for selling his two-year-old startup to Facebook for $1bn. That’s according to a report by Wired, which cites sources indicating that Systrom holds 40% of the company he founded — an impressively large chunk for any entrepreneur at the time of exit, let alone one on his first company