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Hackers up the ante on SA companies

While financial services company Liberty may have suffered the biggest data breach ever in South Africa, losing between 20TB and 40TB of data contained in e-mails and attachments, it is not the only listed

Counting the cost of Liberty’s cyberattack

Liberty could face massive fines through civil lawsuits or from a government-mandated information regulator after falling victim to a cyberattack by unknown hackers. The financial services firm is fighting to prevent the release

Liberty hacked

South African insurance group Liberty has been hit by hackers, it said on Saturday evening. In a message sent via SMS to customers, Liberty said: “Liberty regrets to inform you that is has been subjected to unauthorised access to its IT

New app helps you ‘stash your cash’

The introduction of the smartphone a decade ago has changed many things. It’s changed the way you find things in the dark; it’s changed the way you wake up; it’s changed the way you communicate; it may even have changed the

Vodacom plays down mass spying fears

Vodacom in South Africa has sought to play down startling revelations on Friday that its parent, Vodafone, has secret wiretaps that allow government agencies to listen into and record live telephone conversations, a practice that is reportedly commonplace in many of the 29 countries in which the group

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