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A year after announcing that its CEO, Mark Simpson, had decided to leave the company to “pursue personal interests”, undersea cable operator Seacom has appointed Byron Clatterbuck to the role. Seacom founder and executive director Brian Herlihy

Just a week after Seacom announced that its founder, Brian Herlihy, was returning to lead the company, replacing CEO Mark Simpson, the pan-African subsea cable operator has announced a further management shake-up. In a statement, Seacom says the changes

Seacom CEO Brian Herlihy is returning to the helm of the company he founded following the unexpected departure of Mark Simpson from the top job at the submarine telecommunications operator. “Seacom today announces that … Simpson has decided to leave the company to pursue personal

The primary obstacle to providing world-class connectivity to South Africans is the lack of sufficient inland infrastructure. Overcoming this will require a coordinated effort. This is according to undersea cable company Seacom’s CEO Mark Simpson, who was speaking at the Satcom conference in Sandton

The Seacom cable network, which was damaged last month, was fully repaired over the weekend and all circuits have been restored. The subsea cable was cut in the Mediterranean Sea in March, along with other cable systems. It’s suspected the break was caused by a ship dragging its anchor. “Our

It is extremely unlikely, although not impossible, that saboteurs were responsible for the cut in Seacom and other undersea cables north of Egypt last Friday, Seacom CEO Mark Simpson says. Simpson’s comments come after news on Thursday morning that Egyptian authorities had arrested three divers off the

Just a week after submarine telecommunications cable cuts off the coast of Egypt caused major disruptions to broadband services across Africa, Egyptian authorities have arrested three divers suspected of trying to sever the Sea-Me-We 4 cable system that runs through the region. There are no

Seacom has restored services for most of its customers across Southern Africa and East Africa, it said on Tuesday. This comes four days after several cable systems, including Seacom’s, were cut in the Mediterranean Sea. The company, whose cable system runs from

Seacom, the company behind the undersea cable of the same name, has launched a new company, called Pamoja, to offer small and medium-sized enterprises the ability to provide cloud computing-based services to their customers without the capital outlay such services usually require

Seacom plans to upgrade its subsea telecommunications network to newer fibre-optic switching technology later this year that will more than double the capacity on the system. CEO Mark Simpson says the company will begin tests in the next couple of months with a view to upgrading the US$600m system from