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Once upon a time, the US Federal Communications Commission could be viewed as a positive model for regulation worthy of emulation. It introduced new ideas into the rules it applied to network operators, thereby stimulating innovation

The idea of establishing a new, open-access, wholesale-only wireless network (OAWN) in South Africa has received significant attention in recent months. Its purpose would be to stimulate greater competition in the provision

Telkom is planning to spin off its large wholesale services division as a separate business, with its own brand identity, in a move that promises to shake up fixed-line telecommunications in South Africa. Though the company isn’t giving away too much yet – a detailed announcement

Despite its precarious financial situation, South Africa’s fourth mobile operator, Telkom Mobile is in a “prime position” in wireless broadband compared to rivals Vodacom, MTN and Cell C thanks to a huge chunk of radio frequency spectrum it has access to that allows it to build a fast and reliable

Convergence Partners’ recently published research report, “Let my people go (online)”, summarised in this piece on TechCentral, presents a provocative but nevertheless incomplete and in some critical aspects misleading characterisations of the requirements and