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Smart cities are quickly becoming a critical necessity due to the confluence of urbanisation, greater pressure on the successful management of a city due to a rising population, and climate change

Fibre-optic telecommunications specialist Dark Fibre Africa has announced it is to acquire Conduct, a last-mile fibre developer that provides high-speed access to business customers in South Africa’s urban centre. DFA has traditional focused on metropolitan

A new SA start-up wants to challenge the incumbent phone operators with a low-cost alternative that takes advantage of the features of modern smartphones. Niqqui, which was launched a month ago, wants to offer

Worldwide Internet traffic will quadruple by 2015 with nearly 15bn fixed, mobile and machine-to-machine connections fuelling the growth. According to Cisco’s fifth annual Virtual Networking Index report, there will be nearly 3bn Internet

SA’s neglect of access networks for providing broadband connectivity has resulted in the country slipping in a world quality broadband ranking study conducted by Oxford University with US networking company Cisco. It’s the third study by the university