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Around 200 people marched in Cape Town on Saturday to demand lower mobile call rates and media transformation. The group blew whistles as they marched down Long Street and carried signs stating “Free Set Top Box” and

Campaigners will march across South Africa this weekend to demand cheaper and broader access to communications, with march organisers saying government has “handed the democratising power of telecommunications to

The set-top boxes that South Africans will need to watch digital terrestrial television should be given away for free to poor people because, by the time the country has finally migrated from analogue to digital broadcasting, anyone who can afford a set-top box will already

The Right2Know Campaign and SOS: Support Public Broadcasting have written to the controversial SABC board chair, Zandile Tshabalala, to ask her whether she invoked the National Key Points Act to warn staff not to leak information to the public, as staff have claimed. This was not the first time the National Key Points

Employees at the SABC have been instructed not to broadcast any reports on calls for president Jacob Zuma to step down, the Right2Know (R2K) campaign and SOS Coalition claimed on Tuesday. This was simply the latest case of politically motivated interference in editorial independence at the