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The labour court on Friday dismissed with costs the urgent application brought by MTN South Africa’s chief corporate services officer, Robert Madzonga, to have his suspension lifted. Madzonga was suspended after MTN began an internal investigation into allegations

MTN’s chief corporate services officer has been suspended allegedly over his role in the diversion of sponsorship funds for the ICT indaba, Business Day reported on Monday. The newspaper reported that Robert Madzonga was also threatening to take take legal action against former

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa) has argued that insufficient competition between mobile operators is keeping the cost of mobile broadband higher than it should be and limiting uptake by South African consumers. But the operators say it’s not that simple. Vodacom spokesman Richard

MTN South Africa said on Friday that it had been “vindicated” by the Johannesburg labour court, which had found “no merit” to claims by a former employee, Violet Magagane, that she was retrenched for exposing allged corruption at the cellphone network operator. Magagane had said she

When major corporate brands start bashing each other over the head in public, you know that commercial rivalry between them has reached an intense level. This is exactly what’s happening in South Africa’s mobile industry, where Vodacom, MTN and Cell C have taken to sniping at each other at every

The Independent Communications Authority South Africa (Icasa) has turned down a request from mobile operator Cell C to postpone this Friday’s planned reduction in mobile termination rates, saying the cuts are part of a regulatory process that can’t be suspended. Cell C wanted

Mobile operator MTN has torn into Cell C, warning its smaller rival that it must “abide by the law and start competing on the merits of its products rather than obscure regulatory favours”. The attack follows Cell C’s decision to lobby the industry regulator, the

The labour court in Johannesburg this week heard testimony of multimillion-rand corruption at cellphone company MTN, according to a report on Sunday. The case revolves around an allegation by former MTN legal adviser Violet Magagane-Malao that the company was sweeping her claims of corruption under the carpet

The National Consumer Commission, established in April to enforce the new Consumer Protection Act, has received objections from all of SA’s big operators, with the exception of Neotel, to the compliance notices it served on them demanding

Wholesale call termination rates come down at midnight tonight, but consumers shouldn’t expect retail price cuts from the big mobile operators. Both Vodacom and MTN have confirmed to TechCentral