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Rumours swirl around Guptas’ Sahara Computers

Speculation is swirling that the Guptas’ biggest asset in the ICT sector, Sahara Computers, is either up for sale or could even soon be closed down. Several industry sources, who say they have knowledge of the situation

The Guptas are dismantling their empire

The Gupta family are selling their assets in South Africa to little-known companies as their access to banking facilities dries up and allegations intensify that they used their friendship with President Jacob Zuma to wield undue

Guptas’ Sahara has zero gov’t business

Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments on Thursday said it derived R233m from its total revenue of R2,6bn from government business. This is according to a statement released by the group detailing its revenue for the financial year ended

Guptas to quit SA for good

South Africa’s Gupta family, which has been accused of using its friendship with President Jacob Zuma for gain, plans to sell all its South African business interests by the end of the year. The family is in talks with

Sahara boss ‘intimidated’ after Gordhan radio call

Gupta-owned Sahara Computers CEO Stephan Nel on Tuesday opened a case of intimidation after an anonymous person allegedly phoned to warn him against approaching finance minister Pravin Gordhan for assistance regarding Oakbay’s blacklisted

Gupta bosses ambush Gordhan on live radio

Four executives of four Gupta-owned companies ambushed finance minister Pravin Gordhan on PowerFM on Sunday night with questions focusing on the blacklisting of their bank accounts. In his response, Gordhan revealed for the

Guptas’ friendship with Zuma ‘more difficult’

The Gupta brothers’ friendship with President Jacob Zuma has been made a “little more difficult” since allegations of state capture emerged this year. Gupta spokesman Gary Naidoo said the Guptas continue to have a relationship with

Why Anonymous downed SABC, Gupta websites

Anonymous Africa have shed more light on why it targeted websites belonging to the SABC and Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments this week. Both the public broadcaster and Oakbay Investments confirmed this week that their

Anonymous goes after Gupta websites

Hacktivist group Anonymous Africa said it was attempting to down websites of Gupta-linked media outlets ANN7 and The New Age on Wednesday. Earlier on Wednesday, Anonymous Africa

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