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Dimension Data’s Internet Solutions is acquiring disaster recovery specialist ContinuitySA for an undisclosed sum. The deal means Internet Solutions will be able to meet demand from clients for full data recovery and business continuity services from a single provider, it said in a statement. “There are

Dimension Data’s Internet Solutions (IS) has increased its shareholding in Wi-Fi provider AlwaysOn from 51% to 100% for an undisclosed sum, IS announced on Thursday. IS acquired its original 51% stake in AlwaysOn, which has hotspots in 1 400 locations in South Africa

As part of its increased focus on business elsewhere on the continent, South Africa’s Internet Solutions (IS), a division of Dimension Data, has lit up fibre capacity it’s bought on the West Africa Cable System (Wacs). Wacs is a 5,1Tbit/s design capacity subsea cable that run from

MWeb, the Internet service provider owned by media group Naspers, is assessing Telkom Internet’s dramatic broadband price reductions, announced on Thursday, and has told TechCentral it will respond with product announcements of its own early next week. This comes after

Following Telkom’s 30% reduction in the fees it charges Internet service providers to access its broadband digital subscriber line (DSL) access network earlier this month, Dimension Data division Internet Solutions has announced a range of changes to its product portfolio in what amounts to an effective reduction in bandwidth costs for

News on Friday that the cost of IP Connect, the product Internet service providers have to buy from Telkom to access the fixed-line operator’s last-mile broadband network, was to fall by 30% from 1 April should lead to lower retail prices as early as this week. However, service providers polled by TechCentral on Monday still want to understand the mechanics