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Telkom keen to lead SA broadband project

Telkom group CEO Sipho Maseko said on Monday that the partially state-owned telecommunications operator is keen to be intimately involved in the deployment of a national broadband network into areas of the country that are not currently well served. But Maseko warned that government

Schindehütte received R6m Telkom loan

It has emerged that suspended Telkom chief financial officer Jacques Schindehütte was granted an interest-free R6m loan by the telecommunications operator to allow him to buy shares in the company. But Telkom is now concerned the loan may have been in breach of the Companies Act

Telkom sheds more fixed lines

The number of fixed telephone lines in service at Telkom has fallen sharply over the past year, continuing a trend that began early last decade. Telkom revealed in its interim financial results on Monday that at the end of September 2013, it had just

Telkom remains under pressure

Telkom’s underlying operational earnings remained under pressure despite an increase, the telecommunications giant reported on Monday. “The group’s financial performance indicates a challenging industry environment,” CEO Sipho Maseko said in a statement. The increase in earnings

Telkom taps Vodacom for marketing chief

Telkom has poached Enzo Scarcella from Vodacom to head up marketing. Scarcella, who was responsible to rebranding Vodacom from its traditional blue and green to the red of parent Vodafone, will assume the role of Telkom chief marketing officer at the end of January 2014

ISPs take issue with Telkom CEO

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa), which represents many of South Africa’s ISPs, has slammed comments made by Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko over local-loop unbundling (LLU), saying they “cannot remain unchallenged”. The association’s criticism of Maseko

Duncan McLeod
At Telkom, Maseko takes the tiger’s tail

Sipho Maseko is a really nice guy – which makes me want to pity him over the challenge he’s taken on at Telkom. Some would say accepting the group CEO position at South Africa’s biggest fixed-line operator is like grabbing a tiger by its tail. Sooner rather than later, you get eaten

Telkom upgrades DSL users

Telkom is again upping speeds for broadband digital subscriber line (DSL) users and, in some cases, is also adjusting its prices. The move comes just a day after group CEO Sipho Maseko told TechCentral that speeds of up to 10Mbit/s may soon represent the entry-level tier of broadband offered by

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LLU: Telkom threatens to hike prices

Telkom has fired a shot over its regulator’s bow, warning the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa that if it attempts to unbundle the local loop of copper wires into homes and businesses, the telecommunications operator may have no choice but to raise its prices in

Telkom to boost broadband speeds

Speeds of up to 10Mbit/s may soon represent the entry-level tier of broadband offered by Telkom as the company moves to see off the threat posed by mobile broadband alternatives and as it moves to increase growth of fixed-line broadband in homes and businesses

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