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Campaigners will march across South Africa this weekend to demand cheaper and broader access to communications, with march organisers saying government has “handed the democratising power of telecommunications to

Government has backtracked on plans to have communications regulator Icasa report to the newly created department of communications, which also houses the SABC, Brand South Africa and other entities, a highly placed source with knowledge of the development has told TechCentral. Instead

What was the president thinking? Last Sunday, Jacob Zuma sent shockwaves through South Africa’s technology industry by dumping his hardworking communications minister, Yunus Carrim – arguably the most competent person to fill the portfolio since the 1990s – and splitting the ministry in

The SOS Coalition, which represents trade unions, community media and content producers hoping to support quality public broadcasting in South Africa, has slammed President Jacob Zuma’s decision to dump his communications minister, Yunus Carrim, instead creating two new departments headed by two new ministers. The Coalition has accused Zuma of

The set-top boxes that South Africans will need to watch digital terrestrial television should be given away for free to poor people because, by the time the country has finally migrated from analogue to digital broadcasting, anyone who can afford a set-top box will already

Employees at the SABC have been instructed not to broadcast any reports on calls for president Jacob Zuma to step down, the Right2Know (R2K) campaign and SOS Coalition claimed on Tuesday. This was simply the latest case of politically motivated interference in editorial independence at the

Communications minister Dina Pule has given interested parties additional time in which to comment on the controversial Icasa Amendment Bill. Those wanting to submit comments now have until the end of January to do so. Previously, those wanting to make comments had 30 working days

How to get the country’s telecommunications, broadcasting and postal regulator functioning efficiently is the subject of major debate, at the heart of which is the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) Amendment Bill. This, the latest draft of legislation

Proposed amendments to the Icasa Act, which governs the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, have come under heavy fire, with critics warning the changes hand too much power to communications minister Dina Pule. After two years of inaction, government has revived the Icasa