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Non-profit to develop SA coder talent

South Africa has a dire shortage of skills, especially software developers. Now a new, not-for-profit initiative, led by entrepreneurs, is hoping to make a meaningful impact on developing the

Synaq: open source’s e-mail kings

Synaq’s nondescript offices near the Sandton CBD feel laid back and comfortable. A large blackboard near the entrance has scribbles all over it. These offices check all the boxes of a start-up, but this business is far too big, and a few years too old, to fall into the start-up category. It all started a few years

Absa SA’s top phishing target, data suggests

Online “phishing” fraudsters, who try to con consumers out of their personal banking details to steal their money, target clients of Absa the most, data from a local e-mail company shows. Yossi Hasson, MD of open-source e-mail solutions and network management company Synaq, runs a phishing signature database using

Yossi Hasson: Synaq’s rock star geek

Yossi Hasson, MD of open-source software specialist Synaq, is tall, dark, handsome and gifted. Which means my first instinct is to dislike him. However, Hasson proves to be as friendly as he is talented when I meet with him on a

IS buys into Linux specialist Synaq

Internet Solutions (IS) has acquired a majority stake in Synaq, the Johannesburg-based managed Linux service provider and messaging company, for an undisclosed sum. IS says the deal will help it address the demand from the small and medium enterprise

Synaq dives into the cloud

Open-source specialist Synaq has teamed up with AlwaysOn hotspots and Vox DataPro to allow its customers access to cloud-based mail without paying for the bandwidth to access it. Synaq MD Yossi Hasson says the acceptance