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Promoted | The Equiano cable will make an enduring contribution towards the development of Namibia’s communications infrastructure, says Paratus Group.

A decade ago, fierce battles were fought to get a number of Africa’s state-owned telecommunications operators into private hands and to strip them of their monopoly privileges. This happened in all but two of what are now sub-Saharan Africa’s most successful economies. The real laggards are

Zimbabwe is to be hooked up to the high-capacity West Africa Cable System (Wacs), the submarine telecommunications pipe that extends from SA to London along Africa’s west coast, thanks to a deal its incumbent fixed-line operator has concluded with its Namibia counterpart. The announcement was made

SA isn’t the only country in Southern Africa waging battles over mobile call fees. Namibia’s dominant incumbent mobile operator MTC is involved a legal skirmish with that nation’s

An undersea fibre-optic cable laid along the West African coast came ashore in Namibia on Tuesday, allowing high bandwidth connectivity for the country and its neighbours