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This was unexpected. Walking on Water Television, one of four new companies offered licences eight years ago to launch subscription television services, is finally getting ready to come to market

Government should make better use of regulatory tools and legislation to foster a more competitive environment in South Africa’s pay-television industry rather than requiring that conditional access technology be included in state-subsidised set-top boxes. That’s the

Two weeks ago, Icasa provisionally awarded licences to five new subscription television broadcasters. It hopes the move will help crack open what has become a highly concentrated market that is now thoroughly dominated by one operator, MultiChoice. The communications regulator will be hoping that it is more successful in this

South Africa’s highly concentrated television broadcasting industry, which has one dominant subscription operator in MultiChoice, will be a key focus area of Icasa’s high-level inquiry into the state of competition in the information and communications technology sector

TopTV chairman and acting CEO Eddie Mbalo is “shocked” that the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) wants to introduce new pay-TV operators just a few years after licensing a range of new players, one of which collapsed. “I’m shocked that after having awarded these new licences

The Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) wants to license new pay-TV operators to compete with incumbent MultiChoice, which owns DStv, and recent entrant On Digital Media, with TopTV, despite little interest in launching commercial services

Super 5 Media, formerly known as Telkom Media, still wants to offer pay-TV services to South Africans, more than three years after first being licensed, and has requested yet another extension from the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) to launch its products. In a notice published in the Government Gazette

Telkom investors are confused. When the telecommunications company issued its trading update at the end of last month, the surprise aspect was not the further R900m loss it incurred to get mobile operator 8ta on to its feet, nor the

Telkom did something last week no one thought it ever would: its Internet service provider, TelkomInternet, jumped onto the uncapped broadband bandwagon, adopting a market trend started 18 months ago by its rival, MWeb. The news came as a