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The Wacs cable system broke off the coast of Congo after it became trapped and embedded in dense and heavy sediment caused by the flow of turbulent waters in an undersea canyon.

Zero. Zip. Nada. That’s how much interference a television white-spaces trial in Cape Town by Google and a number of technology partners has caused since it kicked off in March. News of the success of the project, which involved providing wireless Internet access to 10 schools using

The television “white-spaces” trial in South Africa began at the end of March and has three partners, Google, the Wireless Access Providers’ Association (Wapa) and university network organisation Tenet, which is doing the implementation. Tenet already provides the

A trial network which, if successfully concluded, could have a profound impact on the delivery of broadband services to South Africans will kick off in Cape Town in the next few weeks. The network will test the feasibility of using so-called television white-spaces spectrum to deliver wireless broadband

In February, Western Cape premier Helen Zille said she wanted to ensure every citizen in the Cape Town metropolitan area had access to 100Mbit/s broadband by 2020. Though some critics have dismissed this as political posturing, advertisements seeking a