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What’s gone wrong with the World Wide Web

More than 20 years after the first Web server started bringing the Internet into our lives, a recent conference in San Francisco brought together some of its creators to discuss its future. The general tone of the conference

Big upgrade promises much speedier Web

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, is a key component of the World Wide Web. It is the communications layer through which Web browsers request Web pages from Web servers and with which Web servers respond with the contents of the page. Like much of

State opinion network launched in SA

State, a fast-growing international social communications network built around user sentiment and personal opinion, has been launched in South Africa. The London-based State was founded by British-Lebanese entrepreneurs and brothers Alexander and Mark Asseily. They want to change the way we look at social networks by

Web inventor calls for online Magna Carta

Twenty-five years to the day after he published the idea for the World Wide Web, computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee has called for an online Magna Carta to protect his invention from governments and corporate influence. In an interview with The Guardian, a British newspaper, Berners-Lee said

Justin Spratt
Gadgets and erotica in Barcelona

The official party for the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona was at Montjuic Palace, hosted by British comedian Stephen Fry. His opening line was that the cellular industry confab was like a sex party for him because he was such a lover of gadgets. He admitted to owning 17 phones, 14 of which he actually bought himself