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Viber has a plan to beat WhatsApp

The newly named chief of Japanese retailer Rakuten’s messaging app Viber plans to quickly introduce new products to better compete with Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger as the market faces increasing regulation in the

Slow uptake of consumer VoIP in SA

While so-called over-the-top messaging services dominate in South Africa as a mobile communication tool, the uptake of voice over IP is slower, say experts. Global digital specialist adviser

Why Telkom went nuclear on mobile

Telkom has signalled it’s ready for a serious fight with its bigger rivals, this week taking the wraps off aggressively priced, 4G/LTE data-led mobile packages for both prepaid and contract customers that look set to have its bigger rivals

Telkom detonates bomb on mobile rivals

Twenty gigabytes of mobile 4G/LTE data a month, free on-network calls, 1 500 minutes of free calls to other networks, zero-rated WhatsApp and Viber, free SMSes, and free and unlimited Wi-Fi access at

Guy Zibi
More to OTT debate than meets the eye

The African mobile operator predicament with “over the top” services has come to a head, with the issue of how to deal with the likes of WhatsApp, Skype and Viber flaring up anew over the past few months in Morocco, Senegal and South Africa. What’s playing out

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OTT row: Q&A with Shameel Joosub

Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub has called for a debate on how so-called “over the top” services such as WhatsApp, Skype and Viber should be regulated in light of the risk be believes they

Why SA’s big telcos are running scared

The growing pressure on margins as telecommunications moves from a voice-driven industry to one where data is predominant is the main reason South Africa’s incumbent mobile operators are keen for so-called “over the top” providers like WhatsApp and Skype to be

Ugly war looming over OTTs

The recent decision by all three telecommunications operators in Morocco to block voice-over-Internet protocol and other IP-based services is the first shot in what is going to

Start-up niQqui takes on SA telcos

A new SA start-up wants to challenge the incumbent phone operators with a low-cost alternative that takes advantage of the features of modern smartphones. Niqqui, which was launched a month ago, wants to offer