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This week marks one year since the launch of what is arguably Microsoft’s most ambitious – and possibly most controversial – operating system: Windows 10. Windows 10 represents a fundamentally

Microsoft, marking the one-year anniversary of Windows 10, said the operating system is running on more than 350m active devices. More than 96% of Microsoft’s Windows enterprise customers – those who have older versions of

Windows 10, it seems, is proving a hit with both the public and the technology press after its release last week. After two days, it had been installed on 67m PCs. Of course, sceptics may argue that this may have simply been a reflection of how much people disliked

The default wallpapers on Windows have become some of the iconic images of our time. So, when Microsoft unveils the new default wallpaper for a new version of its ubiquitous operating system, it’s kind of a big deal

In a little over seven weeks, Microsoft will deliver what is set to be the last big version upgrade to its flagship Windows operating system. It will mark the end of an era of packaged operating systems

In the latest episode of South Africa’s leading technology podcast, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg chat about First National Bank’s long-awaited launch into mobile telecommunications as a virtual network operator. They look at