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Barcoding: The main benefits of barcode software

It is a shame that many small businesses often overlook barcodes as a method for cutting costs and saving time. Barcodes South Africa is a cost-effective and practical choice for any business, big or small looking to improve productivity and diminish overhead costs. Barcodes are simultaneously cost-effective and reputable.

From business, to healthcare to government, the ways barcodes can be used are extensive and, because of this, so are the advantages of the software implemented to generate and scan these barcodes. If you are a business that isn’t using barcode technology yet, here are seven vital advantages of barcoding technology that might encourage you to install your own system…

Barcodes guard against the chance of data-entry errors

Fast-paced work settings can mean that your business runs a higher risk of errors occurring. This is especially so when tracking inventory. Implementing barcode technology makes systems automatic, and eliminates the risk of errors occurring that are inevitable in manual data entry. Not only does barcode technology work far faster than the manual method, it is far more reliable and saves huge costs associated with mistakes in the long run.

Barcode technology cuts down on the time needed to train employees

This is so because it takes a matter of minutes (if that) for an employee to grasp how the handheld scanner works and how to scan the barcode. This, coupled with the fact that it means employees will not have to try to learn a whole stock list or pricing, means employees can be trained in less than half the time. Not only will this mean you can have employees working and earning you profit far quicker, it also means that you will save huge costs.

Barcodes mean tracking serial numbers is easier

Barcode technology makes the process of serialising your stock automatic. Not only this, it also will recall what digits have been used before so you will never have to grapple with remembering at what point you left off.

Inventory management and control is done quickly and easily

Not only do barcodes make it easier to keep track of stock levels in your inventory, effectively this means that stock levels in general can be diminished. Not only can you track your products, but you can track your equipment. This means its location can be found in a matter of seconds, which saves you valuable work time — and you will also save unnecessary costs replacing equipment that is assumed to be lost.

Barcodes supply better data

Not only can barcodes be used to extract the data on stock and pricing information quickly and easily, it is possible to customise them to add other specifically relevant information to them your company might require. This means they can be used in a range of industries for a range of uses.

They are cheap to create and print

Usually, when you buy an EAN barcode, a single barcode will cost you so little it will be an almost unnoticeable bank charge. This is so regardless of the reason for which they were purchased or what they are attached to. Almost all printers will be able to print your barcodes for you (also at a cheap rate) and they can even be customised to meet your unique branding needs.

Barcodes endorse improved decision making

Due to the fact that barcodes allow for information and data to be obtained rapidly, this greater access to accurate data means that more well-versed decisions can be made. If businesses can constantly be making better decisions based on completely accurate data, not only will time be saved but huge amounts of money, too.

Barcodes are both a cheap and easy to use form of software. This user-friendly technology provides a vital and indispensable means by which a range of information and data can be both attained and tracked. With the overarching advantage of barcode software being that overheads will be vastly reduced, there is no reason for you to delay in barcoding your business!

If you are looking to buy barcodes in South Africa, simply contact your local online store and get moving!

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