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Newswires, forums and social media have been abuzz since Wednesday, when news broke that notorious online marketplace, the Silk Road, has been shut down and its alleged mastermind, Ross William Ulbricht, or “Dread Pirate Roberts”, arrested. The Road, as patrons

From activity trackers to Google Glass, wearable technology is becoming more common and useful, but until smart watches stop simply duplicating existing functionality and offer something new, they’re destined to remain curiosities and novelties rather than the necessities their makers would

Telkom’s new initiative to encourage individuals, companies, universities and others to come up with innovative ways it can increase the uptake of fixed-line broadband sends a peculiar message. On one hand, it shows that Telkom acknowledges the importance of increasing broadband

In the wake of another set of poor quarterly results tied to weak consumer demand for its new smartphones, BlackBerry on Monday announced that it was exploring “strategic options”, including the possibility of selling the business. But who would want to buy

South Africans have an aversion to risk. We aspire to go to university or some other tertiary institution, but after that, instead of getting involved in a start-up or, heaven forbid, even founding a new business, we tend to go and look for the security of a corporate job. Americans, on

Anyone who has attended any sort of telecommunications-related presentation in the past couple of years will have come across the World Bank’s finding that a 10% increase in a nation’s broadband penetration equates to a 1,4% increase in GDP in low- and middle-income economies. That statistic makes a

If Apple could pick one word it would most like associated with the announcements it made at its annual developers’ conference on Tuesday, it would probably be “innovative”. It’s been accused of losing the innovation edge in the recent past and, despite the usual grandiose comments by CEO Tim Cook and his

Those critical of Apple suggest iOS, its operating system for the iPhone and the iPad, has fallen behind Google’s Android and even Microsoft’s Windows Phone. I’m inclined to agree — and I’m an iPhone user. Though much of the speculation around the upcoming iOS 7 has dealt

“It’s all about the ecosystem.” That’s a catchphrase much bandied about these days. For mobile device manufacturers, having a range of quality software is as important as the hardware. Perhaps even more important. Two companies, Finland’s Nokia and Canada’s

Adobe has announced that Creative Suite 6, the most recent collection of its various pieces of creative software that includes popular packages such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro, will be the last packaged products it releases. In their place is Creative Cloud, which uses the software-as-a-service