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The Universal Service and Access Fund was established to bankroll projects that ensure universal access to communications technology for all SA citizens. Instead, a large part of it — if not all of it — is being earmarked for keeping the public watching television

There’s less and less separating mobile handsets from one another when it comes to the hardware that powers them. So, what happens when users can decide for themselves what operating system software they want to run on their phones? Just looking at the latest

In contemporary commercial warfare, there’s only one guaranteed winner: the lawyers. The patents system exists ostensibly to encourage newcomers, protect their intellectual property and encourage innovation. But the reality is the big players are buying up every

Inherent obsolescence is the perpetual problem with technology. Technological advances aside, companies need to keep bringing out new products so we’ll keep buying them. Hardware manufacturers are constantly trying to convince us

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) that came into effect in April calls for the establishment and maintenance of an opt-out registry to protect consumers from unsolicited marketing. It seems the job may go to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) of

Communications minister Roy Padayachie has said in no uncertain terms that he wants to see Telkom’s local loop of copper cables unbundled by November. But it appears the operator intends doing everything in its not inconsiderable

The first cellular phones were cumbersome, ungainly things that required strong arms and frequent access to a power point. Then the great shrink happened. By the end of the 1990s, phones had evolved from briefcase-sized to pocket-sized to

Gareth Cliff is a probably the closest thing SA has to a shock jock — which says a lot about how conservative we still are. He’s always been a polarising figure, but even those who detest him have to concede that he has influence. And a pretty wide influence at